A list of posts I would like to add in the near future. I’ll cross them off link to them as I write them or find them written somewhere else.

[Jan 3, 2014] Analogy between/kernal for grammar structures found in spoken languages, programming languages, and anything else that follows a similar structure.

—This will include, or link to, a large scale review of notations which will include such elements as written grammar editing symbols, mathematics symbols/notations, mechanics symbols/notations, etc. And for each notation there will be references and qualifiers describing where they apply and how pervasive they are, etc.

[Jan 3, 2014] An investigation into the cost of the internet, or at least webhosting, in order to evaluate how much it would cost to fairly eliminate unwanted advertising. Some considerations might include energy, hardware, service, administration, and research costs.

[Jan 3, 2014] An evaluation and gap analysis of the ways in which the internet is used now and could be used someday/now. Well, “communication” may sum that up, but it will look at the various branches of that such as email, networking, research, shopping, etc. in fine detail and cite some of the main service providers, such as gmail, facebook, google, amazon, etc. with a focus on who is setting the standard for quality or leading the way into new applications

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