I’m excited to have a website.

This is still a learn-by-doing/do-by-doing effort. I theme may emerge but for now all I can promise is that I will be updating it everyday, beginning January 1, 2014.

The title of this blog is a first pass at a theme which might encapsulate some of the key Motivations The Harold is a popular longform improv framework conducive to creative exploration. I’ll say more on this later.


List of Requirements for this Blog

1. Add a post every day, on average, calculated monthly. [Demand]

2. Put at least one picture in every post. If the desired picture is not available the picture can be called out and added later, within 7 days of posting. [Demand]

3. Not more than 1 hour should be taken to write one post. [Wish]

4. Posts should be structured in such a way that the reader can absorb them quickly. Not more than 5 minutes should be required. [Wish]


Revision history:

[1/19/14] Requirements list started with [wish]/[demand] qualifiers. Requirements 1-4 added.


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