Here is a cool program for visualizing word frequency:


lent tweets

I’ve seen them before but never a link to a program that let’s you make your own. Cool!

I found this through a blunt google search (“what is best to give up for lent”). It’s been a few years since I bothered and it’s always interesting to see what you have in common with autocomplete.

This came up first:


Where someone had analyzed thousands of tweets for things given up. What’s cool is that in addition to the top 100 items, the author presents the top categories:

1. food 30,565
2. technology 9,764
3. school/work 6,744
4. habits 6,689
5. smoking/drugs/alcohol 5,737
6. irony 3,176
7. relationship 2,715
8. sex 2,152
9. health/hygiene 1,651
10. generic 1,208
11. religion 1,149
12. entertainment 929
13. weather 609
14. shopping 466
15. sports 205
16. money 193
17. celebrity 175
18. clothes 171
19. habit 155
20. possessions 93
21. politics 83

Often I feel like my lent choice is last minute and inadequate. Looking at this list, that’s true for most people (at least those who tweet it). I’ve already got a few frustrating behavioral challenges in the pipe*, so I’m giving up bitterness.



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