5min: Daily, on average

I’ll write these “5min” posts in 5 minutes. They needn’t hold your attention for anywhere near that long.

Yesterday we went on an epic winter hike in the White Mountains. We didn’t get back until 2am and I was feeling guilty for losing sleep on this website to keep my daily postings daily when //[adding 5 minutes]// I needed as much sleep as possible to be alert for the drive back. Well, it made me realize  that it just won’t be possible to post everyday. I started thinking that that would ruin the whole point of this thing and I’d lose it all.

I’ve got a better idea now, these posts will be daily (or better) on average, where averages are recalculated weekly or monthly. That will help harmonize momentum and quality.
//[adding 5 minutes]//
Additionally, with the present layout theme, the homepage looks much more interesting with a picture in each post. So that is a new requirement. I will add a requirements list for this blog to the “About” page after this post.
Here is a picture of my first batch of homemade oatmeal before baking.


The recipe and process is very simple. The only surprising thing is how much sugar and fat goes into granola:
5 cups rolled oats
1 stick butter
1 cup honey
1 cup vegetable (or olive in my case) oil
As many mixings as you want (chocolate chips, dried fruits, nuts, spices…)
Just melt the butter, mix it with the liquids, and gradually add the rest. Keep chocolate chips and dried fruit out until after baking. Spread out on wax paper on top of a cookie sheet. Bake for 50 minutes or so at 350-400. Mix/churn/flip after ~30 minutes.
You’ll feel like Walt+Jesse in Breaking Bad when it cools and you crumble the baked sheet into smaller clusters (ha, I did anyway).

(more like a 20min post)


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