Positive Reinforcement

A central motivation for this blog is identification and achievement of goals.

Two days ago I used this blog to declare an interest in learning about relational database systems like mySQL. I had no plan for doing this other than a list of wikipedia pages I’d like to read when there’s time.

Well, just today a coworker and I were talking and SQL came up and she had also recognized its value and was learning to use it. She pointed me to sqlzoo.com which is an awesome resource for learning SQL. It has well organized tutorials which work off of an in-browser SQL environment. It’s going to make learning SQL much much quicker than reading wikipedia pages or having to find a reliable source on my own. We’re also going to begin integrating database management to our projects at work

The blog is working!


[I almost forgot to post today, good thing I had drafted this earlier. That might be the best way to make sure there’s a new post every day, have a spare ready to go.]

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