List: Storage Media

I’ve recently been working on files between my work and home computers and, in doing so, having trouble keeping versions and libraries in order. I’m working on implementing a better system, beginning with identifying where things are. I made a list:

  • Computers
  • External hard drives
  • Flash drives
  • Phones
  • SD cards
  • Cloud (Email, dropbox, drive)

I don’t have a solution yet but I’m feeling better about it.

[Update: 1/12/14]

The above list forgets a key source of organization complication, paper media:

  • Note cards
  • Loose paper
  • Notebooks
  • Notes in books
  • Books

I’ve tried getting away from my paper dependence by using drawing tablets, e-ink displays, and pdfs of books. While each recreates some good feature of the physical simile and add many more, none can match the robustness and availability of paper media.

Some tools have helped bridge the gap: Scanners, printers, date stamps, and filing systems. There is a lot of room for improvement.


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