C1: Add hyperlinks to parts of pictures

Look into image maps:

Requires html skills

C2: Data type awareness and parsing

Be able to identify, parse, and coordinate data types

C3: Version control

C4: Module design and maintenance

This competency list is a sort of module. It is a running list of competencies that I want to develop. Each competency has certain common fields:

  • date identified (date [should this be a string, long, int… probably and int – look into time formats])
  • name*
  • description*
  • measurable goal*
  • purpose*
  • date achieved (date)
  • if already achieved: date of next certification (date) (update this after each certification, certify if measurable goal is still achieved)
  • if certified: notes on status (string)
  • if non-certified: notes on how to reestablish certification (string)
  • competency status (toggle either: in development, certified, non-certified, retired)
  • associated competencies (string lists for parents, children)
  • others…

*includes the following types: initial (string), historical (string list, dated), active (string)

ACT: Make a list of all metrics, beginning with the list above, and run it through a table against a list of categories, such as competencies and any other similar object type. The table will map each object type to its relevant variables and help identify where holes should be filled and how different object types compare.


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